Quickbooks Classes
We specialize in teaching small businesses. We come to your office, on your schedule. We'll work on your projects, so you learn exactly what you need in as little time as possible. Our small business and accounting classes (like QuickBooks) are listed below. Feel free to browse our other courses and we'll put together a custom schedule that meets your needs.

QuickBooks: Introduction to Electronic Accounting
Description: QuickBooks has become the accounting and bookkeeping software of choice for small businesses. For new users and beginners, this course teaches you the fundamentals of using QuickBooks. Topics include: understanding QuickBooks; exploring QuickBooks; setting up a company; working with lists; setting up inventory; invoicing products; invoicing services; payment processing; working with bank accounts; entering and paying bills; reports and graphs.

Learn things like: Saving money by doing your own bookkeeping, including invoicing, check writing, budget/expense tracking and order/inventory tracking.

Prerequisites: “Introduction to Computers” or equivalent skill level

QuickBooks: Advanced Electronic Accounting
Description: For users that have mastered QuickBooks basics, this course teaches you advanced features and tools. Topics include: customizing forms; using “other” accounts; custom reports; custom graphs; tracking and paying sales tax; using payroll; job estimates and tracking; writing letters; synchronizing with contact managers.

Learn things like: Modifying reports to meet your needs; saving money by doing your own payroll; how to track and pay sale tax; create estimates for customer proposals.

Prerequisites: “QuickBooks: Introduction” or equivalent skill level

Buying and Selling on eBay
Description: eBay has become the world’s biggest flea market – you can buy anything you can imagine, and make money selling anything too. For businesses, eBay has become a new and powerful sales channel. Learn how to sell stuff to make extra money or even start up a side business. You may even make back the money you paid for the course! Topics include: finding products; bidding techniques; paying for an item; deciding what to sell; strategies for businesses; listing an item; completing a sale; increasing your user ratings; selling resources; other auction sites.

Learn things like: Selling your old junk; opening a new sales channel; starting up a home business; finding and buying anything you can think of at great prices.

Prerequisites: Prerequisites: “Using the Internet” or equivalent skill level

Computers and Technology for Small Businesses
Description: This course teaches you everything you need to make the right technology choices. From setting up a network, to understanding Microsoft Office, you’ll learn how to capitalize on technology to make your company more efficient and profitable. Topics include: computer, software and technology options; making purchase decisions; making the most of Microsoft Office; using email and contact management; finding consultants and service providers; review of QuickBooks Pro and other accounting software; overview of internet; networking and options; employee training.

Learn things like: Determining if you need a network and how to get it installed; making your office more productive; how to find and hire consultants.

Prerequisites: “Introduction to Computers” or equivalent skill level

Internet for Small Businesses: Marketing and Productivity
Description: This course teaches you how to capitalize on the internet from setting up and marketing your web site, to using the internet as business tool. When used properly, the internet can increase sales, improve vendor and customer relations, and make you look “big” and compete with big companies. Topics include: small business internet strategies; web site strategies; how to get your site built with minimal expense; internet advertising and promotion; email marketing; customer service, sales/vendor relations.

Learn things like: developing a web site strategy; building a web site cost effectively; advertising and marketing online.

Prerequisites: “Introduction to Computers” or equivalent skill level

Other Accounting Programs
We also offer training on other accounting programs, such as Peachtree, Great Plains and One-Write Plus.

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